Why I decided to start coding

Why I dediced to start coding...

I started out in the Operations team in 2014. I was in touch with our customers almost 24/7. I understood their struggles, what they thought when they used our product and the frustrations they had because of the product and the team. There were also times I created supporting materials and global processes like setting up NPS Surveys for 1000+ events and for almost 100k users, oh, and on a budget too.

After a couple of years in the Operations team, I found data. I learned how to get it, how to read it, how to transform it. And I became a Data Analyst. So now I had data and could put systems in place to better understand performace through a "data analytics" lense.

Then I ran into "Product". I always knew what we were doing had value... our mission was one I resonated with and had global impact. But I hadn't thought about our value offering as a "product". Once I discovered the world of "Product Management", I knew this was the area I wanted to understand in-depth and provide value in.

Something else that really sunk in was the value of software. There were many things I saw where my gut told me the right move was to create a software solution. When I couldn't get this software solution built due to external forces, I was left with a decision to make.

I knew I wanted to continue pursuing product management. I wanted to learn how to build a software product. But I knew this was sohing I couldn't accomplish where I was at. My decision was to continue learning product management... but through learning to write and build software.

So I decided to learn how to code.

I quit my job to learn how to code. I've been studying through online tutorials and using tools like Platzi and their program "Escuela de JavaScript" aka "JavaScript school".

I've learned a handful on how to write user stories, conduct customer interviews and even got a taste of managing company politics, though I won't say I'm 100% proficient on this last one just yet. Nevertheless, I'm doing what I wanted to do back then: building software.

Though I'm starting out small, I have learned rapidly how to create a simple static site and a small web application.

Currently I'm working on building a bunch of things:

  1. Fenix: A solution for businesses looking to provide a holistic and integral training and development for their employees.
  2. MujeresLatam: A platform aimed at helping women in tech and entrepreneurship in Latam connect with each other.
  3. CachorroStays: An Airbnb for dog hotels.

I do all of these with my business and partner, Gisse Peralta. We work together to help build these projects and help other companies through our services.

So now I code. And although I still have a lot to learn on best practices and working with high-performing dev teams, I'm closer to my goals than ever before.

I hope you follow me on my journey by checking in on this blog every now and then, or through Twitter, LinkedIn or Github.

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